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A funny incident… So who is laughing now?

So I walked into a room full of people from different industries in Cebu not telling anyone about the company that i work with or the industry am from since I went there not to represent anyone but to learn and hear what people from other industries have to say on the topic at hand.

It was a seminar that was conducted by Ariva.  During the discussion the facilitator asked if anyone in the crowd was from the call center industry, I wanted to raise my hand but opted not to not because I was ashamed of where am from but because I want to prove a theory on how other professionals look at call center employees. Now these people are no ordinary employees. These are managers and business owners from different industries. And to my disappointment for as expected they laughed and asked what is a call center?  who are they?

Offended and pissed, I stepped out of the room and went to the table where they ask people to fill up pieces of paper for their raffle draw and wrote my company’s name in bold letters during our break and dropped it into the bowl that they use for drawing the winners.

When the organizers drew the names of the winners, my entry was picked! Imagine the faces of the people in that room when she read CONVERGYS. So what are call centers? And who we are? TRY THE WORD WINNERS!

I hate it when people look down on other people and what they do for a living. And today, I feel that the Lord agreed with me.

so who is laughing now?


What gave these people the right to look down on us? We pay the right taxes and we are not doing anything wrong to anyone. We are helping build the economy of this country by paying our taxes, support the needs of our families, send our children to school and buying the products that these great people from other industries make. We help keep their businesses afloat.  Why? Are they the ones who buys their expensive cellphones and printers that they manufacture? Are they the ones who buys their outrageously high priced room rates in the hotels that they work in? NO! It is the ordinary people like US working in BPO companies who patronizes THEIR products. So they should STOP looking down on us.

First Road Trip on a Bike

October 9, 2012… It was supposed to be a short trip going to Busay on my friend’s bike to have some sweet corn.  But when we got there, we decided to go to Mt. Manunggal.    It was only 6PM and the sun was already down when we got to the road leading up to the mountain top.  We took went for a couple of meters but decided to head back as the road was too dark and eerie.  Imagine a horror flick where 2 adventurous people who took a sudden turn to have an adventure of their life only to come face to face with Jason.  Something that we really don’t fancy so we decided to head back to the main road.  We then took road heading to Toledo since the Grand Central Highway is very dangerous for its steep roads and sudden turns.  So the short road trip turned into the longest road trip that I’ve ever had and on a bike running at 120kph at that.  My body is still hurting but it was fun.

One thing I learned from this trip is finding your perspective (a quick photography lesson from the master).



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Am supposed to be resting on Monday…

Hang out with my friend Weng last Monday.  I helped her pick up some stuff for her place.  Later in the afternoon, we went to the supermarket for her to fill up her pantry when a crazy idea came to mind.  She asked me to cook Jambalaya for dinner.  And so the 4 hours of journey in preparing the Jambalaya Rice began.  We had to go to another store to pick up the ingredients as the one that we went to didn’t have celery.  At 9PM, we finally sat down and had dinner.  Sheesh… And I went on leave to have some good rest that day. Hahaha…

My own version of Jambalaya Rice

Day 2 IBS Waterfalling Adventures Tour 1.0

Day 2 started early with a trip to one of the 2 waterfalls that I have read on my history books since I was in grade school.  Never have I imagined that I will be seeing one of them today.  Although, it was a bit sad to not see the full view of the water fall, it was still amazing to see this waterfalls beyond the pages of my books.

Although Cristina is missing, I can now understand why it made it to our history books.

Second Destination of the day is Tinago Falls.  Anyone from Iligan talks about this falls and seeing it made the trip to Iligan even more worth it.  For the first time in the four waterfalls that I have visited, I stayed and swam in the basin for a full hour.  I also got to jump off a rock into the water… wearing a life jacket of course.  I must say that Tinago Falls made me fall in love with Iligan.

The falls that made me fall in love with Iligan

Third stop is Mimbalot.  We were not able to swim or enjoy this spot for too long as it was already getting dark.  But it was still a site to see.

Last Waterfalls of the day

Day 1 of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0

So day 1 was mostly about getting to the location, checking-in to Rene’s Diner and Pension House and getting acquainted to the area where I am staying.  At 3PM, I, along with the other participants met up with Lai and Xy-za for a short trip to the City Hall and meet the Head of Tourism of Iligan.  Before heading to the Iligan’s Department of Tourism Office, we had a quick stop at the Iligan Amphitheater.  According to our guides, this open amphitheater is the biggest in all of Mindanao.

The Largest Open Amphitheater of Mindanao

We then headed to meet the head of Iligan’s Department of Tourism as a courtesy call as this project is in partnership with this government office.  She then gave us a short insight about Iligan and what her department is doing to promote the city as the next tourist destination of the Philippines.  Did you know that there are 39 reported waterfalls in this City of Majestic Waterfalls?  But the local government still has to visit all of the other waterfalls that the locals have reported.  As of date, the city government recognized and is promoting 23 waterfalls and we get to visit 6 of these in the next 3 days.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.

The day ended with a dinner in Jacko’s Kan-anan where we got to sample 4 of their dishes.  The IBS Inc. peeps are rooting for Jacko’s Crispy Squid, a signature dish of the establishment.

Highly Recommended by the IBS Inc. Crew

It was good but my personal favorite is the Grilled Tuna Belly.  It was the juiciest tuna belly that I’ve tried.  They also prepared it in a way that you can still savor the natural flavor of the fish thus it goes really well with rice especially when you drizzle it with their special sauce.  Numnum… ^_^

My Top Pick Jacko's Kan-anan's Grilled Tuna Belly


the land of majestic waterfalls…

And so after 4hours and 13 minutes I am finally settled in.  I checked-in in Rene’s Diner and Pension House after a long trip from Cebu City to Iligan City.  The trip has been amazing.  I guess the Lord heard my prayers about my worries of going to an unfamiliar place alone and with nothing but instructions written on a piece of paper on where to go.  I have been blessed for so far, people who overheard me asking for directions were kind enough to offer the information that I need.  As of the moment, I only spent 125 pesos from Cagayan de Oro to my humble room.  For instead of taking the taxi from Lumbia Airport, I took the jeepney going to Carmen and asked for the next jeepney to take me to Bulua.  Thank goodness the lady who was collecting the fare was so warm and friendly that she even hailed the next jeepney that I needed to take in going to the Bulua Bus Terminal.  From the terminal I took the bus for Iligan and then took a jeepney going to the city proper and then rode another jeepney bound for Tubod and got off in front of the Pension house which was near the Iligan Sped Center and the overpass.  Here is the break down of my expenses so far from Lumbia to Rene’s Diner and Pension House (this is in Philippine Peso):

1. Lumbia to Carmen                                                                   – 17.00

2. Carmen to Bulua Bus Terminal                                               –  8.00

3. Bulua Bus Terminal to Tambo Bus Terminal                           – 85.00

4. Tambo Bus Terminal (taking 7A or 8D) to Zoey’s Cafe             – 7.50

5. Zoey’s Cafe (Taking 1S) to Rene’s Diner and Pension House – 7.50

This means, I was able to save around 275 Pesos for taking the Jeepney from Lumbia instead of riding the Taxi to Bulua as taxi rides would usually cost 300 pesos. Pretty sleek huh? 🙂


An Adventure of a Lifetime

And so I have embarked on several hiking trips with some close friends from work.  I have been to Bonbon Falls last year, my first serious hike to the wilderness.  Then went to Osmena Peak and then traversed to Kawasan Falls  last July 4th of this year, went to see Budlaan Falls and recently to a spring in Sugod, Cebu.  All of these experiences were not just physically draining but emotionally tiring as well.  But each time that I look back to these adventures, it brings a smile to my face as each of these adventures made me realize how blessed I am to have such good friends in my life and have the opportunity to share the same experiences and challenges on a certain point of our lives.

Tomorrow, at 6AM, I shall embark to yet another adventure.  I shall be boarding a plane to Cagayan de Oro and take a bus going to Iligan for me to meet up with Xy-za of PurpleSlipperz and the rest of the Iligan Bloggers Society Inc. for the Iligan Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0.  I am full of anticipation as this is the first time that I will be going to a place that I am not familiar with.  I can barely speak Bisaya and so that scares me a bit.  But I trust that the Lord will not put me in a situation that I cannot overcome.  I thank Him for giving me this opportunity to experience something that I cannot imagine possible.  And thanks to Tita FanniesRed Planet / Calda PizzaEl Canto / Macki’s, Iligan City GovernmentUNILABNPC Natures ParkThird Team MediaTravelJamsPurpleSlipperz, and Pinay Travelista for their support to this project.  People said that one becomes who he or she is through the experiences that one had experienced.  And so I thank them for being instrumental in this once in a lifetime experience.  I may not be able to see Iligan, experience it as it should be experienced and meet new people without them.