The Slice that will end and start it all

Blessed with another year to celebrate.  Spent the day with a couple of friends.  A late lunch and then ended the day with a slice of cake and laughter. This year, I had a slice of Achocolypse Now! cake from Dessert Factory.  This moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate frosting and shavings would have tasted better if it was shared with my loved ones.  Nevertheless, it was a happy day for dessert ended with laughter that was shared with Nur, Apol, Eden, Chicken and Apol’s little sister.  So it was indeed a Happy Birthday Alice day! 🙂

Ended the old chapter and starting the new chapter with a slice of cake... 🙂

A funny incident… So who is laughing now?

So I walked into a room full of people from different industries in Cebu not telling anyone about the company that i work with or the industry am from since I went there not to represent anyone but to learn and hear what people from other industries have to say on the topic at hand.

It was a seminar that was conducted by Ariva.  During the discussion the facilitator asked if anyone in the crowd was from the call center industry, I wanted to raise my hand but opted not to not because I was ashamed of where am from but because I want to prove a theory on how other professionals look at call center employees. Now these people are no ordinary employees. These are managers and business owners from different industries. And to my disappointment for as expected they laughed and asked what is a call center?  who are they?

Offended and pissed, I stepped out of the room and went to the table where they ask people to fill up pieces of paper for their raffle draw and wrote my company’s name in bold letters during our break and dropped it into the bowl that they use for drawing the winners.

When the organizers drew the names of the winners, my entry was picked! Imagine the faces of the people in that room when she read CONVERGYS. So what are call centers? And who we are? TRY THE WORD WINNERS!

I hate it when people look down on other people and what they do for a living. And today, I feel that the Lord agreed with me.

so who is laughing now?


What gave these people the right to look down on us? We pay the right taxes and we are not doing anything wrong to anyone. We are helping build the economy of this country by paying our taxes, support the needs of our families, send our children to school and buying the products that these great people from other industries make. We help keep their businesses afloat.  Why? Are they the ones who buys their expensive cellphones and printers that they manufacture? Are they the ones who buys their outrageously high priced room rates in the hotels that they work in? NO! It is the ordinary people like US working in BPO companies who patronizes THEIR products. So they should STOP looking down on us.

The Bacon that’s making noise

This is the bacon that is making so much noise on the 10th floor of the TGU tower in Cebu.  Why wouldn’t it when it tastes almost like the cooked ham of Purefoods and it’s very affordable.  Imagine, bacon at 180 pesos per kilogram.  The catch? It’s the cut-end of premium bacon that the manufacturer sells to hotels and other restaurants in Cebu.  Imagine… that’s like having premium bacon in a hotel at a much lesser price! Best deal yet!

First Road Trip on a Bike

October 9, 2012… It was supposed to be a short trip going to Busay on my friend’s bike to have some sweet corn.  But when we got there, we decided to go to Mt. Manunggal.    It was only 6PM and the sun was already down when we got to the road leading up to the mountain top.  We took went for a couple of meters but decided to head back as the road was too dark and eerie.  Imagine a horror flick where 2 adventurous people who took a sudden turn to have an adventure of their life only to come face to face with Jason.  Something that we really don’t fancy so we decided to head back to the main road.  We then took road heading to Toledo since the Grand Central Highway is very dangerous for its steep roads and sudden turns.  So the short road trip turned into the longest road trip that I’ve ever had and on a bike running at 120kph at that.  My body is still hurting but it was fun.

One thing I learned from this trip is finding your perspective (a quick photography lesson from the master).



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Am supposed to be resting on Monday…

Hang out with my friend Weng last Monday.  I helped her pick up some stuff for her place.  Later in the afternoon, we went to the supermarket for her to fill up her pantry when a crazy idea came to mind.  She asked me to cook Jambalaya for dinner.  And so the 4 hours of journey in preparing the Jambalaya Rice began.  We had to go to another store to pick up the ingredients as the one that we went to didn’t have celery.  At 9PM, we finally sat down and had dinner.  Sheesh… And I went on leave to have some good rest that day. Hahaha…

My own version of Jambalaya Rice

Everything Starts with a Broth

They say you can never go wrong with a dish if you have a good broth.  This is the reason why most culinary schools would start with different kinds of broth before students can start learning how to cook.  In a traditional setting most kitchens make their own broth for their dishes. A chinese restaurant that I love uses the broth from pork innards which gives their dishes a distinct flavor.  For the French like anywhere else in the world, they use chicken, pork or beef bones as the base of their broth. What gives their stock a unique flavor is they use meripoix (a combination of  50% onions, 25% celery and 25% carrots) or a bouquet garni (combination of bay leaf, parsley and thyme) when they make them.  For bouquet garni though, one can use different herbs other than stated above.  Broths are time consuming to do so most kitchens would make them in bulk but some would use broth cubes that can be seen in most supermarkets.  I would use broth cubes at times if I don’t have time or any left overs but if I have the time, I would normally make broth for my dishes.

For my own broth, I usually go for meripoix and then chicken.  You can make your own broth too.  Here’s a simple way to do it:

500 grams chicken bones (chicken backbone or the bones from your chicken fillet)

1 big onion, quartered (red or white)

a handful of celery leaves (I use the leaves for you can’t usually use it in making dishes)

a handful of carrots (at times, I skip this especially when carrots are expensive)

water to cover the bones (around 10 cups)

salt and pepper to taste


1. put the chicken bones, onion, celery and carrots into a pot with cover

2. put enough water to cover the meat

3. put pot on medium heat and bring stock to a boil

4. once the broth is boiling, lower heat and continue to boil

5. add salt and pepper to taste and continue to boil for an hour (remember not to put too much salt for the water will still evaporate while you are boiling the broth.  just adjust the taste when you are about to remove the broth from the heat)

*** you can store your broth by freezing it after it cooled down for future use.

My Homemade Chicken Broth


Breakfast at Home

This may not be the typical Filipino breakfast that I have been longing for but it’s been over a week since I got back from Iligan City and I have been longing to prepare a warm breakfast for myself. My trip and my work has been so demanding that I never got around to do this for myself.  Thank God that my Boss had allowed me to take another time off from work. Bon appetit everyone! ^_^

bacon, hotdogs, egg and a cup of my very own Latte

So how do you make your own latte?  Here’s how I made mine at home:

1 cup of Brewed Coffee (thanks to the Folgers Coffee that my Bro gave me)

1 tbsp chocolate powder (I use Milo for my cup)

2 tbsp milk powder

dash of cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne powder

Mix it up and serve while hot ^_^

***Note: you may adjust quantity of milk and chocolate powder based on your preferred taste ^_^