When things don’t go your way…

When things start to happen around you and you feel responsible for it, you then start to blame yourself. As one gets older (and hopefully wiser) one has to accept the that:

1. you can only do so much – we can always give everything to succeed on challenges and tasks. But one has to keep in mind that sometimes, it takes more than you to overcome a challenge. If it involves a team, every member of the team has to contribute to make it happen. You are just part of the equation, without the other part, you can never arrive at the right result.

2. if it ain’t for you, it ain’t for you – if you have done everything and you didn’t get what you want, it’s either it ain’t for you or you are not ready for it yet. how would you know if it’s not for you? Prepare for what you want to get. Improve what you think needs to be improved. If you are great at what you do and still not get what you want, then time to consider your other options.

3. people are different – each one of us has our own ability to think. how we think can be different from other people. others may have a different way of solving an issue, you have to respect that. so stop trying to change how others think. the only thing that you can do is influence them but never change how they think. so respect and accept that fact.

My point? Satisfaction should not be dependent on the outcome. Think of what have you done to get to the outcome. At the end of the day, what would matter is, you get to tell yourself, I gave it my best shot.

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