Left Behind

Went out yesterday with some friends to watch Nicholas Cage’s Left Behind. Though the movie had a plane crash to make it thrilling for the movie goers, it’s true climax was when people disappeared all at the same time.

After the movie, it made me think. If this will truly happen, I asked myself if I would want to be one of those taken, or one of those who were left behind? Truly, those who will be left on earth will face a lot of hardships and those who were taken are the one who will be saved from all the terrible things that are bound to happen. But then again, do I want to be saved knowing that my loved ones were left on earth?

When I posted a comment on Facebook that I think I’ll be one of those who will be left on earth, friends said that it’s not too late to change that but then, do I really want to be saved? Do I have to force myself to have faith when things weren’t going the way as I want it to be? Will the Lord accept me knowing that I have doubted him a lot of times in this lifetime?

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