Day 1 of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0

So day 1 was mostly about getting to the location, checking-in to Rene’s Diner and Pension House and getting acquainted to the area where I am staying.  At 3PM, I, along with the other participants met up with Lai and Xy-za for a short trip to the City Hall and meet the Head of Tourism of Iligan.  Before heading to the Iligan’s Department of Tourism Office, we had a quick stop at the Iligan Amphitheater.  According to our guides, this open amphitheater is the biggest in all of Mindanao.

The Largest Open Amphitheater of Mindanao

We then headed to meet the head of Iligan’s Department of Tourism as a courtesy call as this project is in partnership with this government office.  She then gave us a short insight about Iligan and what her department is doing to promote the city as the next tourist destination of the Philippines.  Did you know that there are 39 reported waterfalls in this City of Majestic Waterfalls?  But the local government still has to visit all of the other waterfalls that the locals have reported.  As of date, the city government recognized and is promoting 23 waterfalls and we get to visit 6 of these in the next 3 days.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.

The day ended with a dinner in Jacko’s Kan-anan where we got to sample 4 of their dishes.  The IBS Inc. peeps are rooting for Jacko’s Crispy Squid, a signature dish of the establishment.

Highly Recommended by the IBS Inc. Crew

It was good but my personal favorite is the Grilled Tuna Belly.  It was the juiciest tuna belly that I’ve tried.  They also prepared it in a way that you can still savor the natural flavor of the fish thus it goes really well with rice especially when you drizzle it with their special sauce.  Numnum… ^_^

My Top Pick Jacko's Kan-anan's Grilled Tuna Belly


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