stop worrying

Matthew verse 6 chapter 25-34 talks about why we should stop worrying. True enough, like most folks I worry about a lot of things. I will be turning a year older, a few days from now thus I am worried that I may not marry. I mean who would want an old hag for a wife? Then I worry about not being able to support my family thus I am stuck with my job no matter how much I wanted to start chasing my dream. There are just so many things in mind and with the world having so much possibilities that you just can’t help but worry about how things will turn up.

Hearing people say stop worrying do help at times but then there are days that I would ask myself, does the mind really attract what it perceives or was it just a coincidence? I did achieve a lot of things that I had wanted but was that because of my mind attracting them into my life or were they the outcome of my efforts to achieve them?


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