Day 2 IBS Waterfalling Adventures Tour 1.0

Day 2 started early with a trip to one of the 2 waterfalls that I have read on my history books since I was in grade school.  Never have I imagined that I will be seeing one of them today.  Although, it was a bit sad to not see the full view of the water fall, it was still amazing to see this waterfalls beyond the pages of my books.

Although Cristina is missing, I can now understand why it made it to our history books.

Second Destination of the day is Tinago Falls.  Anyone from Iligan talks about this falls and seeing it made the trip to Iligan even more worth it.  For the first time in the four waterfalls that I have visited, I stayed and swam in the basin for a full hour.  I also got to jump off a rock into the water… wearing a life jacket of course.  I must say that Tinago Falls made me fall in love with Iligan.

The falls that made me fall in love with Iligan

Third stop is Mimbalot.  We were not able to swim or enjoy this spot for too long as it was already getting dark.  But it was still a site to see.

Last Waterfalls of the day

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