Keeping up with the Waterfalling Adventures Tour 1.0 activities

***September 1, 2015… so when I was going through my drafts, I saw this article that I created last October 8th, 2012. I think it’s high time for this to be published.

With the activities that the Iligan Bloggers Society Inc. that has in-lined for us, we definitely have to eat.  Thank God for they have also taken care of probably, the most important detail of this tour (aside from the details of getting to the waterfalls and back safely), FOOD!

Why hello there... (our snack in the morning)

Lunch was courtesy of Jacko’s Kan-anan. What makes it special is the addition of tabon tabon, an ingredient that is common in Iligan and CDO but very rare in the other parts of the Philippines. It gives a certain texture and aroma to the dish that you can not find anywhere else. 🙂

Top pick for lunch

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