First Road Trip on a Bike

October 9, 2012… It was supposed to be a short trip going to Busay on my friend’s bike to have some sweet corn.  But when we got there, we decided to go to Mt. Manunggal.    It was only 6PM and the sun was already down when we got to the road leading up to the mountain top.  We took went for a couple of meters but decided to head back as the road was too dark and eerie.  Imagine a horror flick where 2 adventurous people who took a sudden turn to have an adventure of their life only to come face to face with Jason.  Something that we really don’t fancy so we decided to head back to the main road.  We then took road heading to Toledo since the Grand Central Highway is very dangerous for its steep roads and sudden turns.  So the short road trip turned into the longest road trip that I’ve ever had and on a bike running at 120kph at that.  My body is still hurting but it was fun.

One thing I learned from this trip is finding your perspective (a quick photography lesson from the master).



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