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I have returned…

It’s been over a year when I first came to this place.  The first time was due to an invite of a friend from the Iligan Bloggers Society on their drive to promote the city’s tourism industry.

On the day that I laid my eyes on this waterfall I made a promise to myself that I shall go back and bask once more into its cold water and it’s beautiful scenery. Someone promised to bring me along but I guess, that’s one promise that may not come true anymore.

Guess that’s the difference between him and me for when I promise to do something, I keep it.  And so this year, I have fulfilled the promise that I made and went back to Tinago Falls and brought along my friends who were longing to see it.

I just hope I get to see it again before I depart this world. =)


30 Day Shred

My friend kept on talking about the 30 Day Shred of Jillian Michaels.  She made it sound so easy so early this morning, I went ahead and searched for what is it about.  I found this video on Youtube and went ahead and tried it.  Damn it really is a work out.  I felt my heart racing and me taking in those breaths.  The experience was so intense that I stopped on the 10th minute.  Hahahaha… A loser right?  But hell, I was sweating all over.  Will give it a shot again tomorrow.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

***September 1, 2015. I think it is time for me to get this going…


Finally.  After months of being lazy and not doing any physical exercise I finally got myself moving and do some Yoga.  When my friend Weng called me up at 4 today and asked if we will go through with our plan of having a Yoga session, I was already on the verge of saying let’s do it some other time and continue to sleep.  But the stubborn side of me told me to get up and get moving.  For it has been a while that I was not doing anything other than eat, sleep and work.  And so I found myself doing some basic yoga poses in Shanti Shala Yoga Center.  At first it was easy but as we go deeper into the session, I found myself sweating while doing the easiest poses that I have ever done.  After the session, I felt my muscles were stretch and that I was sweating but my mind was relaxed and I did not feel tired at all.  Whew!  It was really a good thing that I overcame my laziness today.  Tomorrow, I plan to go for a jog. Crossing my fingers on that though.  Hehehe…

Just too much to bear

Life, I never know what it wants from me.  People say that we face different challenges for us to learn and become strong and become who we are.  But can we not learn without pain?  I have been in this world for too long and all that there is is pain.  Too much pain that I really don’t know how to go on.  Too many heartaches and never had a happy ending.  I thought I finally found mine, it turned out it wasn’t.  I, I am truly unhappy right now.  I couldn’t even bear counting the hours for another day to come.  I feel like I just want life to pass me by.  But as I continue to let time pass by, the longer it seemed for it to do so.  And each passing moment, I couldn’t help but think of the one person who made me smile for no reason at all.  The one person that I always look forward to in the end of the day and the person that I look forward to in every start of it.  Yes, it is true that God gives and takes away, but I just couldn’t see why of all things this has to be taken away.

***September 1, 2015. FYI, this wasn’t the article I wrote about my first heart break. I felt really hurt when I wrote this article in 2012 but the real heartache happened a few months later when it felt like the world stopped turning. But, hell, here I am, after 2 years and then some, I am alive and kicking. No love of my life yet but I definitely had a grand time.

Thus a new beginning…

My old blog was shutdown a month ago.  I didn’t expect it but it happened.  I guess it was just timely for I was thinking of revamping it.  I wanted to have another kind of blog.  Aside from posting my rants online, I wanted to have a more intimate kind of blog.  I want it to be more on the brighter side of things and more of me.  I want it to have the things that I love to do like cooking, travelling and photography.  Intimate in sense that it will show the different sides of me.  I want it to tell the story of me thus, the title and address of the page.  I hope that I will  be able to achieve this goal in this new blog of mine.